You know, my philosophy is hire the best, and then let let them do what they do so well. The auteur theory is always a very flattering one. People say, “It’s an auteur show!” And I love it! (laughs) On some egotistical, vain level, I love hearing it. But having said that, I’m going to be honest. This has always been very much a group effort. And as much as it personally serves me, and as much as I love hearing the auteur theory bandied about, I’ve never really bought into it. I’ve always thought that no one talks about the auteur theory of the Brooklyn Bridge, for instance. It’s like one guy designed it — except that he had a team of people helping him with the math, and then hundreds or thousands of people who built it.
— I think the word auteur is bandied about way too easily (a la artisan), partially because it is French and sophisticated, down to the point that it doesn’t mean anything and is used incorrectly, and as a theory, it’s kind of the great author big man thing and it diminishes the contributions of others, often women. (Not for nothing did young men create this idea … ) So, uh, to read Vince Gilligan giving credit to the people that do Breaking Bad - a crew that often has women writing and women directing - well, it’s heartwarming. He seems like the nicest man!