If I had one word to describe what I write about, it’s “culture,” which means that I write about everything: from the complicated history of feminism conjured up by Mad Men to Tumblr trends in ideal boyfriends. I’ve profiled some of my favorite writers like Paul Beatty and I’ve spent a day in the mall with Brooke Hogan, reality star and then-aspiring pop star. As a writer and editor, I approach nonfiction with an empathetic eye, and I can find the ideas that we’re all talking about years before everyone else figures it out. I am an expert in film, literature, television, health care in America, synchronized swimming, the history of the CIA, Audrey Munson: America’s next top model of 1915, the wild west days of silent film, the beaux arts movement, Sweden, Massachusetts history, the shifting tides of journalism, and the lives of teenagers and women, from the everyday to the extraordinary. 

Find my work in The New York Times Magazine, Virginia Quarterly Review, The Believer, BuzzFeed, O Magazine, The L.A. Times, The Guardian, Vanity Fair, The Boston Globe, The Cut, Hazlitt, Brooklyn Magazine, Refinery29, Mental Floss, The Paris Review Daily and The Awl, among others, in print and online. I have interviewed a wide range of people, including MacArthur Grant geniuses, icons, celebrities, Oscar-winning actors, world-famous writers, and the only American player on the Boston Bruins. I am the cowriter of The Misshapes, from Polis Books, now available under the pseudonym Alex Flynn. [Note: as of 12/18, this website is relatively out of date. To be updated soon.]

For further reading, try these nifty interviews: over at Ravishly for their People We Love feature, and talking with Greenpointers about The Misshapes. If you'd like some very occasional updates, sign up for my TinyLetter. I'm available for freelance editing, copywriting, teaching, speaking, and collaborating. Please email elisabethdonnelly@gmail.com.