Wish U Were a 1-Season Show

Miss U, Kristen Bell circa Veronica Mars. (She’s clearly making the effort in Hollywood now to carpe starlet/ingenue/whatever, but the roles she’s playing! They’re just disappointing.)

I’ve been saddled with a wicked cold for the past seven days, and my wonderful boyfriend picked up Veronica Mars Season 1 at Target. I realized a couple of things while watching it.

a) If it was one season and then canceled, it would’ve gone down as Freaks and Geeks level genius. I felt like Season 1 blew it, a little, with the twists twists twists in the last two episodes and a darker, weirder turn would’ve had a series regular as the guy who killed Lilly Kane. Like, uh, Duncan, even though it was the easy choice, would’ve explained Teddy Dunn’s terrible acting. (Yes, I went to one of the VM meet and greets at the mall and it was funny - Dunn had the most amazing blue eyes in person, you could see why he was cast, whereas Jason Dohring had all the charisma.)

b) It’s a wonderful show. Although I wasn’t particularly invested in the whole Veronica/Logan thing that develops this time. Veronica making with the smooches just took time away from the exciting action.

c) Imagine what the show would’ve been if it was even darker than it was!