Went to Bodega Bay, California for a wedding. It’s a small town probably best known as the filming location for Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. Most of the locations have burned down but the church is still there, and the Bodega General Store has loads of Hitchcock memorabilia, and a Hitchcock figure stands watch over the entrance, giving mad #shade to anyone who comes by.

It is absolutely irresistible to take many, many photos of oneself screaming and running from birds. There is Tippi Hedren wine available for thirty dollars.

It’s heartbreakingly beautiful there, in particular by the ocean and the bay. The church is a little bit inland, in the town center where it feels like the west.

I drove out to Santa Rosa to visit my aunt, listening to bad satellite radio the whole way, but at one point the new Jens Lekman came on, “I Know What Love Isn’t,” and it was pretty perfect. Jens Lekman really works when you’re driving through wine country, winding back and forth down dusty roads, looking at flora and cows.