Fun News About a Book You Can Read!


I’m excited to announce that Polis Books, a new ebook venture headed up by the estimable Jason Pinter, will be publishing THE MISSHAPES, the first in a series written by Alex Flynn*. It’ll be available for all ereaders come the holiday season.

It's the first in a new fantasy series about a teenage girl living in a town where superheroes are commonplace, already haunted by her lineage as the daughter of an infamous supervillain, and branded an outcast, or Misshape, a moniker given to those whose powers are considered third-rate, and must determine her own destiny when a malevolent force threatens everything she holds dear. Or: it’s a new MG/YA series about teenage superheroes with shitty powers living in a weird parallel western Massachusetts, getting into punk rock, hating the man, and it’s really influenced by Flynn’s love of Gilmore Girls, Rushmore, and The Tick.

More to come, especially about Misshapes Internet Presence. There may be a Pinterest page, so far.

*Alex Flynn is an ex-CIA agent who divides his time between Los Angeles and an island in Maine. Or, perhaps, a pseudonym for me + Stu Sherman. I’ll never tell! Art by Georg Pedersen. Also: Alex Flynn totally wants to literarily party with you, FYI.