The hardest thing is just the back and forth. Coming down from these trips where I feel like I’m in control and I have the life that I want and then to come to a place where [I] feel powerless. This morning I had to go to the nurse and lie down and just get my head on straight. I had seriously started texting my dad to be like, “I have to finish the rest of the year online!” And you don’t want to say that, because then you have people saying [obnoxious voice] “See, it’s not healthy for her!”
Tavi Gevinson has a double life, with Rookie and “Tavi Gevinson the awesome teen media genius brand” (which, “You as a brand” is you in quotes basically, yes?) and high school, and it would probably make a sort of amazing movie, TV show, or memoir in fifty years. But also it’s kind of like she’s Hannah Montana IRL?