Recent lessons

1) It’s hard to realize that you can love something, but despite the quality of your love, something doesn’t have to love you back. It’s also difficult to realize that stupid dating techniques of treating people poorly - like my favorite, the a couple of good dates and then disappearing fadeout - are fully applicable to all sorts of categories in life, not just person-looking-for-someone-to-love. These love metaphors are even more difficult to wrap your head around when you’re dealing with things in the category of “career” and “apartment” as opposed to “relationship.” Courtship has its roles in all sorts of facets of your life! Even when you feel like you’re done with courtship in the traditional sense.

2) There’s something really dissonant about finding award-worthy performances in mediocre television shows. Exhibit A: Ian Hart realistically - it’s disturbing, really - embodying a schizophrenic in “Courtney Cox runs a Tabloid,” or the show that you may remember since Cox and Jennifer Aniston kissed during one episode (the only real promotion it got, right?), Dirt.

3) In the pantheon of films women my age grew up on (Pretty Woman, Pretty in Pink, Dirty Dancing, Empire Records, Reality Bites) Dirty Dancing was never my fave. It always just seemed like abortions and endless dance montages. But I never really gave it a chance. I never sat down and watched it the whole way through, and I didn’t grow up with it playing on an endless cable loop. However, recently, I decided to rewatch it, since it popped up on Hulu - and it’s kind of good! Particularly the first 45 minutes or so. You can tell, just by the very personal, intimate tone, that it was written by a woman. It’s a shame that by the halfway point, it devolves into about 8 dance montages in a row. That’s what turned me off the film as a kid. I understand why it’s been called “Star Wars for girls.” I can’t imagine a remake.