The Men Behind the Curtain: A GQ TV Roundtable

Another awesome piece from this month’s killer, D'Angelo-featuring GQ: a great, essential interview that really delineates the personalities of David Milch, Matthew Weiner, and Vince Gilligan. I loved how every time Weiner talked about how “you have to get credit for what you do,” Gilligan was diplomatic and was like, “well, we do it slightly differently” or “yes, that’s such a great point.” For a sick, sick visionary, Gilligan sounded genuinely nice and kind. Milch comes off like a wonderful college professor talking in abstracts.

So much gold, but this may be my favorite: “Bryan [Cranston] isn’t afraid to be photographed in his underpants time and time again. That’s a pretty good physicalization of his fearlessness.”

The author, Brett Martin, is writing a book on the golden age of cable TV (you wish you thought of it, don’t you? I do!), tentatively titled Difficult Men. I wonder what the next act will be for Weiner and Gilligan, given that Mad Men and Breaking Bad are hurtling towards the end?