Pinter called The Misshapes “a funny action adventure story,” adding, “It’s like superhero comics—the Incredibles in novel form. It punched all my buttons.” The Misshapes is a middle-grade novel about a girl who lives in a town where some people have superpowers, though some, like the heroine, have “third-rate, lame powers.” Adding to her misery, Pinter said, is the fact that the heroine’s mother is a supervillain.

When asked about the addition of print titles to the digital-first house’s list, he responded, “Why limit distribution? Some people read exclusively digital and some only buy print. And some—like me—buy both. We felt that many of the books we were acquiring, for various reasons, would benefit from both print and digital distribution.” The Misshapes was intended to be a digital original, but “middle-grade fiction works better in print first, and kids tend to want a favorite book as a keepsake—I know I did.”

— !!! A very cool article about Polis Books founder Jason Pinter and Polis’ expansion into print, starting with The Misshapes: The Coming Storm (which you can have a beautiful copy of in October)! It’s enough to make a girl that may be ½ of Alex Flynn feel great about working on Book 2 all weekend long. (Also, book 2’s influences? Love and Rockets, Basquiat, and the east LA punk scene of the early 80s. Get excited!)