one of the students asked if it was like what happened in the movie Inception. i said i’d never heard of that. they were pretty surprised. one of them said “wait, you didn’t see it?” i said no i’d never heard of it. he said “you must be the only one.”
then i said “i don’t go to the movies, ever. after i saw Never Back Down, i figured nothing else could top it.”
From A Blog’s Pot, which is written by a friend who, every time I see a feature on Tao Lin, I’m like, why doesn’t the world know about my brilliant friend who is currently interested in remaining anonymous although he shouldn’t instead of the boring Tao Lin?

I also appreciated this joke since I’ve had a running joke regarding Never Back Down with Stu. It’s a really applicable movie title when you’re hiking. Or nervous. Just remember: Never Back Down! It’s a really useful mantra.