Let me program your movie house

We would watch so many great films!

Midnight: 1930s screwball perfection, written by your good friend Billy Wilder and IAL Diamond, starring Claudette Colbert and a hot young Don Ameche.
Breaking Away: Is it the best coming-of-age movie of all time? (And hellooo, 1970s Dennis Quaid!)
Whip It and Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains. Obviously a costume party theme.
Rushmore and All the Real Girls, because the difference between Wes Anderson when he had his man, Owen Wilson and David Gordon Green in the same sitch, with Paul Schneider (would switch Aziz Ansari out for you back on Parks and Recreation in a HEARTBEAT) makes me think that directors need their muses.
Mad Men week where we watch all the movies cited/that clearly have an influence on the series. The Best of Everything. The Apartment. The Swimmer. Etc. What would Don Draper watch?

Breaking Bad on the Big Screen, because it would be amazing. “One Minute,” in particular. And then with Coen Brothers movies and The Searchers and all sorts of stuff.
Bedazzled with Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
Wim Wenders day with Paris, Texas, and Wings of Desire. My favorite theater in Cambridge used to do a semi-annual Wings of Desire showing around Christmastime and it was incredible.
In the Loop, Keane, New Waterford Girl, Reprise, Reality Bites, Something Wild, Blue Valentine, Blue Velvet, Medicine for Melancholy, Friday Night, Beau Travail, Amelie, Paul Robeson week, amazing stunts in movies week, let’s watch a documentary and talk about it and then take action week (small screen, generally, unless you make it pretty, documentarians!), etc. etc. etc., forever. Great movies about weddings and country houses week. So many potential themes.

[Related: Elvis Mitchell, the teflon man, remember when I used to see you on the Harvard campus all the time? Pretty sure you lived on my block. We would nod hello to each other. (Film Independent, keep this in mind, I would totally be his assistant. And I’m wildly reliable.)]

How much fun would we have? So much fun! Let’s build a film community!