I know I’ve said this before, but the odds of us actually playing “Freebird?” There are no odds. It is not gonna happen. I’ll start with the first reason - we have no idea how to play “Freebird.” The second reason is, in the Lovebug’s natural habitat, that would just fucking kill him and you wouldn’t want that. He’s adorable! He is cute. Thirdly, even if, like, somebody, pick your diety, whatever, some god came down from the heavens or the hills or whatever and blessed us with some vast knowledge of “Freebird,” we could play it backwards, we could sing it backwards, all that crazy shit, we still just wouldn’t do it. If this was the Make A Wish foundation and you were gonna die, in twenty minutes, just long enough to play “Freebird,” we still wouldn’t play it. And here’s the end reason. The end reason is life is too fucking short to play or hear “Freebird.”

Priceless between-song banter from Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse, captured forever on the Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again live disc. Recorded in Florida. Ergo the Herbie the Love Bug reference.