Great Misshapes Review From Booklist

The Misshapes

Flynn, Alex (Author)

Oct 2014. 304 p. Polis, hardcover, $16.95. (9781940610313).

Sarah’s hopes hinge upon acceptance to the Hero Academy. What better place to hone her weather-manipulation superpower for the force of good and enjoy the status of elite hero-in-training? Just as readers think they’re getting a light, campy comic-book tale, this takes a turn into extragrim good-versus-evil territory. Denied admittance to the academy and relegated to the lower caste of Misshapes, Sarah bounces between outrage and cautious hope of future acceptance at the school. As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that an evil plot is brewing at the academy, pitting a super-race of heroes against inferior beings—especially Misshapes—in a diabolical plan to eliminate the latter. The writing team behind the pseudonym Alex Flynn have penned a lively action story that lifts itself from similar fare with a plot that packs in surprises, romance, and a creative array of “misshapen” powers. Great for readers who enjoy plenty of bam! and pow! in their adventures.

— Anne O'Malley