For my final night’s drive it is snowing heavily. I decide to cover every single geographical point on the Roadrunner map in one long drive, setting out shortly after nine o’clock for Gloucester. It is a beautiful night, the roads empty, the snow falling onto my windscreen in great beautiful plumes, I put my hand outside the window and the flakes float gently, coldly on to my fingers. I drive past the Stop & Shop, I drive out towards Amherst, to south Greenfield. I take in Route 128, the Mass Pike, Route 3, from R9 I loop down to R495, down towards Quincy, I head out to Cohasset, to the rocks. And as I spiral about the snowy landscape I feel like a skater, pirouetting across the ice.
— The Guardian sent a writer on a rock'n'roll pilgrimage to Massachusetts for the sake of Jonathan Richman’s “Roadrunner.” It’s pretty great! (It is also the inspiration for the current petitioning of Roadrunner as Massachusetts’ state rock'n'roll song … but as a wrinkle, some other delegates have nominated Aerosmith’s “Dream On,” because they don’t get it. It’s super sad. Steven Tyler payola, obviously!)