Fall is my favorite season, perhaps due to having a birthday in October, but also, I think, because the weather is finally perfect and I can think again (when I last saw my mother, she noted “you’re terrible at writing in the summer,” and after a summer of heat waves, of a vacation in California during a heat wave, yeah, she’s right and I forget it all the time). I’ve had cider donuts and coffee for breakfast two mornings in a row and I plan to attend all the fall festivals I possibly can, depending on the weddings I have to go to (there are too many this fall).

PS. One of the places in these photos was mentioned in last week’s US Weekly because Taylor Swift and her Kennedy were spotted there. If this glorious treasure is clogged with Swift-fans forevermore, I will be so sad. And mad. Smad. But she has great taste on where to get coffee with her dates.