But then one night this spring my husband pointed out that lately every time I had a review to work on I got really really grousy and cranky about it. He said it seemed like maybe I wasn’t enjoying myself. And very quickly I recognized that he was correct. I was not enjoying myself. I was opposite of enjoying myself. And as soon as I realized this everything about “music writing” started seeming repellant to me, like a room you have spent too much time in or a sandwich you have packed too many times for lunch.
This lovely piece by my friend Rachael Maddux is very on point about what it’s like to dream about something like culture writing and the particular sort of burnout it inspires; it is relatable in so many ways. These days, the keeping up with the Joneses it requires, like a good, charming, and well-followed Twitter presence, I mean, it’s exhausting, isn’t it?