“Thunderbird” by White Hinterland

With a beautiful physical presence and a near-tangible bass that you feel immediately and then throughout the song.

I’m really bowled over by everything that I hear from the new White Hinterland album. Casey Dienel really strikes me as an artist, and someone that’s just going to grow and grow with what she does. I interviewed her for The Boston Globe (and I didn’t write the headline) when her last album was released, right before I moved to New York. (She has a delightful food blog.)

It was nice talking with her for a variety of reasons, but here’s a tiny small one: she had moved to Brooklyn, ended up moving back to Boston, and I think she’s in Portland now. When I heard her talk about cities, I realized that I have similar reactions. She didn’t idealize New York as the center of everything and I don’t either. Like she did, I could very much see myself moving to Portland at some point. I would like the speed.