2013 Paul Beatty Interview from Transatlantica

2000 Paul Beatty Interview from BOMB

2012 description of his next book, The Sellout:

“The Sell Out is a comedic experimental novel. The work tells the story of “Hominy” Jenkins, a resident of Los Angeles’s Dickens neighborhood and the last living member of the original Our Gang television show cast. As this poverty-stricken hometown’s most famous resident, Hominy is tasked go out into the world and find Dickens, its sister city. Inspired by Beatty’s work with the mentally ill as well as a range of authors, from contemporary novelist W.G. Sebald to Japanese haiku master Basho, The Sell Out is about the lesser-known aspects of Los Angeles, including its enduring Wild West legacy.”

I’ve read The Sellout, slated for release in March 2015, and in this version, Hominy is a minor (supporting) character. This description makes me really happy though.