Some common sense, from Bill Moyers


“Only about 100,000 votes separated the winner from the loser, and the outcome was to increase the minority party in the senate by just one vote — from 40 to 41. Nonetheless, this week’s election in Massachusetts has been declared a repudiation of Barack Obama and a resurrection for Republicans. But I checked just before this broadcast, and Democrats still controlled the White House, still had a 78 vote majority in the house, and 59 of the 100 members of the Senate. But from all the spin this week, you could imagine there had been a coup in our nations Capitol — a tea party to beat all tea parties. No doubt about it, the pundits said — people have spoken — 100,000 of them, at least — and America is red again.”

- Bill Moyers, 1/22/10

A difference of 100,000 people is not mobilizing the potential college students who could vote for you in Massachusetts. (Bad candidate!) Or making people hate you for a variety of reasons, the most superficial including something that the papers harped on, calling a Red Sox “hero” (good for you, Schilling, you can pitch a ball. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with you in an elevator.) a “Yankees fan,” which sounds to me like a joke gone bad, and exactly the thing that newspapers/tv would harp on.

This is still pretty heartbreaking to me.

I would like it, however, if Democrats were on top of the spin. For example: this does seem to be mobilizing Obama, somewhat.

The other question: so you lost your supermajority. Fine. DEAL with a filibuster and beat that too. God.