Choire Sicha: Yay Books!

Thank you all for the book recommendations.

1. I have beef with The Maze Runner, recommended here, because I think all these YA books that are about “specialness” (I include Twilight and Harry Potter in this group) are evil (maybe even including the Ember semi-series and even Ilium and the…

Choire, to your point #1, it’s so true, right? So many kid books about how you are secretly super special in this awful world as a way to make the kids face the gaping empty maw of life, buoyed by lies. (Working on a project at the moment that is kind of in the vein of The Magicians, but will probably lean over into the “special” side.)

The Hunger Games is at an entertainment level of 10. Get that and #2, Chasing Fire, and read them in a total of 4 days. Mentally cast all the characters in the inevitable movie in your head.