Selected Clips:

Some of my favorites:

Vertical Descent (Virginia Quarterly Review, Winter 2016)
The strange past and inclusive future of synchronized swimming. 
Take Rachel Brosnahan, Please (Vanity Fair, March 2017)
Interviewing the brilliant star of Amazon Prime's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Descending Night (The Believer, Summer 2015)
The rise and fall of Audrey Munson, once the most famous body in America.
Uzo Aduba and the Road to Success (Brooklyn Magazine, Dec/Jan 2016)
Cover story about the extraordinarily talented Orange Is the New Black actress.
Paul Beatty on Writing, Humor, and Race (The Guardian, March 2015)
Eating at Cafe Mogador with the author of The Sellout.
Watching Mad Men with My Mother (The New York Times Magazine, March 2012)
After this ran, people around the world emailed me, asking about my mother's health.
Boston Rules (Hazlitt, February 2016)
How Spotlight, 2015's Best Picture reinvented the Boston movie.

Viral Hits:

Memo to Hollywood: Female Journalists Don't Sleep With Their Subjects (Flavorwire, January 2015)
Written because Chris Rock's Top Five drove me crazy, and at least people point it out now.
The Difference Between Lena Dunham and Aziz Ansari's Book Deals (Flavorwire, September 2014)
Some teachers told me they use this piece in their classes.
The Man, The Writer, and His Cigarette (Flavorwire, June 2014)
Writer and artist Szilvia Molnar's literary parody went around the world.
Rebecca Solnit on "Men Explain Things to Me" (Flavorwire, May 2014)
An interview with the writer and powerful thinker about "mansplaining."
YA Is For Everybody (Flavorwire, June 2014)
A response to Slate's piece "Against YA," (i.e., Young Adult Fiction).
Gilmore Girls and Twin Peaks are the Same TV Show (Flavorwire, July 2014)
And they're both getting reboots! Coffee, anyone? Also: I am correct.
The Zen Koans of David Lynch (Flavorwire, April 2014)
Where I saw the beginning of a beautiful buddy comedy blossom onstage.
50 Best Films About Writers, Ranked (Flavorwire, October 2014)
When a personal obsession met an order to make a list a month.

Some Cultural Thoughts:

Stieg’s Stockholm (The Paris Review Daily, July 2011)
Taking the “Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” tour in Stockholm.  
Claire Messud at the Toy Store (The Boston Globe, 2008)
“It makes a good doorstopper.”
For Harry Potter Fans About to Rock, We Salute You (Salon, 2007)
One of the first articles on Harry Potter-themed “Wizard Rock.”
Magic Hour: An Interview With Gregory Crewdson (The Paris Review Daily, September 2012)
David Lynch and forgotten corners of rural Massachusetts.
What's Piper Reading? (The L.A. Times, August 2013)
On the bookish fun hidden in every frame of Orange Is the New Black.
What was The Affair? (Flavorwire)
Recaps, reviews, and big thoughts.

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