To say I didn’t get their themes — love, sex, drugs, and women — would be an understatement. Sex was just an abstract concept, the eventual byproduct of kissing furiously in the boiler room, impossible to consider on any sort of physical level. I loved my family, but I didn’t know that sort of furious, eating its own tail, self-destructive love that comes from mutually miserable people pushing and pulling at each other, exacerbating the pain with drugs.

Elisabeth Donnelly on discovering The Afghan Whigs at 12, in an in-progress essay for It’s Complicated #1 (via itscomplicatedproject)

Yes, the whole essay is this wonderful, and I can’t wait until Niina and I aren’t the only ones who get to read it.

(via judyxberman)

I wrote about The Afghan Whigs for Judy and Niina’s awesome project, and you’ll get to read it soon! I’m excited to read all sorts of essays grappling with being a feminist and the complicated relationship with misogynistic art.