This is hysterical


I play a failed writer who is … Woody Allen. It’s funny how he gets you to do that. This is my second Woody Allen film — I worked four days in Melinda and Melinda. Two years ago, Woody saw me in W., where I played George W. Bush, and he sent me an e-mail that I have framed, that read, basically, “I don’t know if you remember me from Melinda and Melinda. I was the director.”

Can I tell you guys something? So when I was sitting at the MILK press conference in late ‘08, you know who just seethed a rollicking good-time sexuality? You know who was the most fuckable there by a mile? JOSH BROLIN. (Dustin Lance Black = also fine, obviously)

Franco looks like a Michelangelo in person, a face sculpted by the gods, and had nothing too interesting to say.