Emperor's Children: the movie

Oooh, this will be interesting. The Wrap is reporting that it’s going to be a Noah Baumbach (am I the only one who could give a shit about his films? I liked Kicking and Screaming but that was it. Perhaps it’s because he + Wes Anderson together, save Fantastic Mr. Fox, equals terrible, self-absorbed, dudes with issues crap and terrible lady characters? And that I have real doubts about how this guy could make a great movie about class, which this should be?) movie starring Keira Knightley (as Marina, for SURE.), Eric Bana (doubtful that he’s Julian…the seductive Aussie Ludovic? But he was so Jonathan Rhys Meyers in my head), and Richard Gere as Murray, of course. What up, Gere? You got some Oscar bait if you play it right.

In my nightmares, Bootsie will be played by Jonah Hill. This should have great roles for women but we’ll see with Baumbach, who is the worst, I say. (The Squid and the Whale had moments but was overall excruciating for me.)

I did an interview with Claire Messud for the Boston Globe around 2007 - it’s not on the website, because Boston.com is the WORST, but she’s hilarious in person and was very charmingly self-conscious about the particulars of this piece (we were “hanging out” and “keeping it real”). I used to see her and James Wood at the coffee shop next to my old apartment in Somerville all the time. I think The Emperor’s Children is very very funny and very very class conscious in a way I appreciate.