Brown Butter Rice Krispy Treats

I was in Boston for the weekend for possibly less than 24 hours. All I wanted to do was to get a brown butter rice krispy treat from Flour bakery (they are also flecked with vanilla bean). We went to two - we were out of luck. When I sort of went all Rob Lowe on P&R in line and was like “how, how can these be gone? I have LITERALLY waited a whole year for my chance to eat them!” I realized I should probably just make it myself.

They were delicious. They require no ingredients. Now you do them!

(Are there any cities you have complicated relationships with? I have a complicated relationship with Boston. Reader, I was going to marry Boston with the beautiful naivete of a first love and then we broke up and now I love it a little and hate it a lot and feel embarrassed and have to go there sometimes to see my family and also the sublime Harvard Book Store, where NYRB classics are a steal.)